Friday, December 31, 2010

Goodbye 2010!

I know, I disappear for 3 months and then think I can come back like nothing! It has been very busy to say the least. September Jaysen got sick for the first time with Hand, Foot & Mouth. Worst experience EVA! Then we found a house in October, started renovating at the end of the month and by 11/12 we were in! We are slowly making this house our home but we have SOOOOOOO much more to do.

Jaysen and Vanessa are doing great. Vanessa is getting acclimated to being in a new environment but she still chooses to be homeschooled. So far so good =) Jaysen is all over the place and is SO MUCH FUN! I seriously cannot get enough of that little boy. He is talking so much right now! He says: mama, dada, baba, baby, cup, please, cheese, ball, papa, sissy, chip, computer, hello, bye-bye, pup, remote, titi, Mike, Steffy, couch, pretty, mimi, up, juice, bus, plex, bat, pot, hat, doggie, birdie, kiss....I cant remember what else but basically he doesn't stop =) He is all over the place and is a little daredevil. He thinks nothing of running across the sectional at warp speeds and flinging himself over the edge. He has not fallen yet thank the good lord above but that doesnt mean my heart doesn't stop each time I see him being such a crazy little boy. Makes for an interesting day but I wouldn't change it for the world!

Life is good and I just wanted to post once more before this decade is over. It went from being just Rob & I to us with a beautiful daughter, beautiful boy, a dog and a house. Big changes people!!! Heres hoping that the next ten years bring as much joy as the past ten have. See ya next year!


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